Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finn the half-Great appears on The Star's list of kids' books for Christmas

Theo Caldwell reworks traditional stories from Ireland in Finn the Half-Great (Tundra, 382 pages, $24.99, ages 10+), being the epic of Finn McCool, son of a mortal and a Giant. Finn first avenges his father's death by killing Ymir the Frost Giant, then is coaxed out of years of pleasant retirement with his beloved Oonagh when Eire is threatened by mortals. Giants, elves, magical salmon, serpents and sorcerers all have their part to play in Finn's great effort to save Eire and win back his love.

The humour and trickery of Caldwell's sources shines through, lifting it out of the humdrum war stuff of conventional fantasy. "Apart from my thumb-sucking, I'm not sure I have much to offer," Finn protests modestly, hoping to get out of a troublesome quest...

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reading to a new audience

On Thursday night Theo Caldwell, a regular guest on BNN, CP24, Studio 2 and a frequent contributor to The National Post, came to The Freckled Lion bookstore on Main Street of Georgetown to read his new book, Finn the Half Great to an enthusiastic young crowd. Maya Venters and Timothy Venters were among the youngsters who listed to Caldwell read. The Freckled Lion hosted the very pleasant affair with snacks and beverages and offered a cozy atmosphere to frame the event. The parents seemed to enjoy it as much as the young audience.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On Giants' Shoulders

Hunky banker-turned-author Theo Caldwell pulls a big-wig crowd to celebrate kids' over-sized action hero

Invigorating talk? In no short supply the other night at The Spoke. While crusader Craig Kielburger held me in thrall about his recent sit-down with the Dalai Lama, and politico Peter Kent held forth about the latest calamities in Honduras, the multi-tasking Theo Caldwell -- banker! stud! now, a YA author! -- pontificated fondly on the subject of Irish half-giants.

One particular half-giant, actually: 14-foot tall Finn Mc-Cool, the hero of Theo's recently published fable. "Even though he think he's a giant," the writer began saying in his formal remarks, shortly after being introduced by his pal, Ben Mulroney, "he's really somewhere in the middle." The book, he went on Oprahliciously, is about "being the very best you can be."

Getting out the very best crowd you can get, by the way? Caldwell was doing a-OK in that department. Among those out to fete the president of Caldwell Asset Management Inc. were maybe-mayoral-can didate John Tory, active opinion-maker Andrew Coyne, and lovey-dovey CEO Donna Hayes, Harlequin honcho-ess.

So, why'd this Bay Street turk write the book? Well, he summed it up best when he told,"Investment managers are the folks most in need of inspiration these days." In the same interview, Caldwell said, " More than anything, I want children to read and be challenged by Finn's adventures. If grown-ups want to have a look, too, they're certainly welcome ..."

Shinan Govani - National Post